Michigan and Florida do-overs still up in the air

It was first Florida that appeared close to a deal to organize a repeat primary via mail-in, before the realization that that procedure was too hard to implement in such a short amount of time sank that scenario. Next, Michigan looked set over a June 3rd state-run primary that would not be paid by the state -- but the situation is more stuck than ever 3 days after that deal was crafted.

The Michigan legislature, which has to approve any such plan, is convening and could take up a bill putting in place this do-over primary as early as tomorrow. But the legislature's leadership is saying that they will not pass any plan unless both the Obama and Clinton campaigns explicitly agree to it first, and this is precisely what the Obama campaign is not doing. For a while it looked like Obama would not openly sabotage do-overs, aware of how that might play in crucial swing states like FL and MI. But his Michigan campaign co-manager, State Sen. Tupac Hunter, is now seeking to delay any plan being implemented by opposing its finances. He does not want to see a bill passed...

...with a promise from governors who are Clinton supporters that they'll raise the money at some point and meanwhile Michigan taxpayers have to put the money out first. The money has to be in the treasury first. That's just fiscally prudent.

Hunter -- and by extension the Obama campaign -- must know that there is no time to raise the $10 million necessary for the Michigan primary to be implemented by the time this bill would have to pass. State officials told the press last week that the ball had to start rolling by Friday for the state to have time to prepare for a primary. In other words, the Michigan do-over is very much in danger at the moment... Not to say anything of the as-muddled Florida situation.

If anything, last week's Wright controversy might have signaled to Obama that they had to push for as quick an end to primary season as possible. Not that Clinton has anything to do with that scandal (many people accuse her of throwing the kitchen sink but it is noteworthy that she always stayed clear of some of what could have been the most damaging to her rival), but the GOP has started to organize its onslaught against Obama who must organize his response and defense. Seeing major primaries in some of the country's biggest states in early June would not allow Obama to concentrate on McCain any time soon... though blocking the way towards do-overs could hurt him in the general election in those two crucial states. Quite a dilemma.

Complicating matters in Florida is a federal Atlanta appeals court that agreed to hear a case brought forward by a Tampa resident and former Edwards supporter; the case seeks to force the DNC to seat all of Florida's delegates. It is unlikely that the court will agree to do so, but the fact that it has agreed to hear the case should worry the supporters of the DNC's (and Obama's) position.

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  • Hillary won the Texas primary due to the GOP :

    Boston Globe: Many Voting For Clinton To Boost GOP
    For a party that loves to hate the Clintons, Republican voters have cast an awful lot of ballots lately for Senator Hillary Clinton: About 100,000 GOP loyalists voted for her in Ohio, 119,000 in Texas, and about 38,000 in Mississippi, exit polls show. A sudden change of heart? Hardly.

    You have to ask yourself why?? Maybe the GOP think Clinton will be easier to beat.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 17 March, 2008 15:33  

  • Why didn't they report the same story in same way for Obama in previous primaries? So republican voted for Obama since he is a 'uniter' and when they switched to Hillary, it is because she is easy to defeat?

    I guess republican just ruined liberal media's 'uniter' dream.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 17 March, 2008 16:44  

  • The reason for the vote and large turnout on January 29th was not the Primary but Amendment 1 - for Property Tax Exemptions - also known as :Limitations on Property Tax Assessments sponsored by the Florida Legislature. The Florida Legislature added the primary for cost. Since this Amendment effected mostly older property owners and not younger people - the older voter turnout was high and that is why HC got such huge numbers. They did not turnout for the primary. What a joke - no one seems to mention this!!!! Please check this out at www.votesmartflorida.org and pass the word - we need to get this out. Obama 08

    By Blogger chazzg, At 17 March, 2008 16:47  

  • Rush Limbaugh asked Republicans to vote for Hillary. Obama never had an organised campaign by an anti-Democratic figure working for him. So there is a difference. Secondly the numbers involved did not alter the Virginia or Wisconsin result.
    Also Clinton's campaign has criticised the Obama campaign for having Republican votes so lets have some consistency from here - a first maybe but lets have some.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 17 March, 2008 20:04  

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