Delegate breakdown after Obama's weekend sweep

As of Saturday morning, Hillary Clinton still had a lead in pledged delegates. Within 2 days, Obama won new contests and was further boosted by a 13-0 split in the February 5th delegates whose allocation was elucidated today. He is now in firm control of the pledged delegate count, 993 to 935. This was expected, as Obama's Saturday wins were anything but a surprise. But the overwhelming size of his victories enabled him to open up larger than expected margins, especially in Washington state.

Obama's delegate lead should get even bigger in the coming weeks, with Virginia and Maryland coming up on Tuesday. For now, here is the breakdown of this delegate breakdown as of Sunday night.

Washington: 68% Obama-31% Clinton

  • Clinton: 25 delegates
  • Obama: 53 delegates
Virgin Islands:

  • Clinton: 0 delegates
  • Obama: 3
Nebraska: 68% Obama-31% Clinton

  • Clinton: 8 delegates
  • Obama: 16
Louisiana (Updated Feb. 15th): 57% Obama-36% Clinton

  • Clinton: 22 delegates
  • Obama: 34
Maine: 59% Obama-40% Clinton

  • Clinton: 9 delegates
  • Obama: 15 delegates
We also got the following two updates from February 5th states that still have outstanding delegates to be allocated (full breakdown of Super Tuesday states here):

  • In Illinois, 8 more delegates were allocated, and all were given to Barack Obama, for a 99-48 margin, with 6 more delegate oustanding.
  • In Georgia, 5 more delegates all went to Obama, for a 50-24 margin.
  • That leaves us with 48 outstanding delegates from February 5th states, and an 822-811 lead for Clinton for delegates allocated that day alone.
That brings us to the following totals of pledged delegates, including all the states that have already voted:

  • Clinton: 934 delegates
  • Obama: 995
  • Edwards: 26
  • Outstanding: 48


  • Correcton:
    Maine has a total of 24 delegates, 15 going to Obama and 9 to Clinton. I don't know if this affects your calculated total.

    By Blogger penif, At 11 February, 2008 10:52  

  • What is the possibility that Obama wins the nomination with the pledged delegate but the super delegates put Hillary over the top?
    Can they really get away with that? I am sure that it would cause some Obama supporters to sit out the Election. Hello President McCain.
    S.W. PDX

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 11 February, 2008 21:04  

  • Hillary's position is about the same as that Rudy Giulani had last month. She is not going to be competitive in the remaining primaries this month. So she hss to hope she can be competitive in the big primaries in the beginning of March even though her opponent is going to win big this month. This strategy did not work for Guiliani. Losing the early primaries caused him to lose in Florida. Hillary hs to hope the same thing does not happen to her.

    By Blogger Liberal observor, At 12 February, 2008 07:45  

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