Yet another recruitment failure for Senate Democrats

So much for the excitement generated by Senator Lott's retirement. Much of the Democratic hope was based on former Attorney General Mike More running for them, as many believed he would. But Moore dashed the DSCC's hopes by announcing today he is out of the race:

I met with the leadership in the U.S. Senate while I was in town and talked with many of my friends, former attorneys general who serve their states well as U.S. Senators. The message was clear - the job of Senator is important and fulfilling; the polls show I could win; and I would have the money I needed to win the race. It all just came down to whether it was best for me and my family. The truth is I made my decision four years ago, and it has been a good one for my family and me.

Interesting that Moore would write that the polls show he can win, since there have been no rumors or leaks of any internal poll conducted by the DSCC or by Moore. And we thus don't know if other Democrats are polling as well. Moore out, Democrats don't have many competitive option. Though they have a few potential candidates who could make things competitive (for example former Governor Musgrove), but it appeared that Moore was definitely the one who would give the GOP the biggest headache.

Naturally, we still do not know who Governor Barbour will appoint to replace Lott, nor when the special election will be held (i.e. whether Democrats will succeed in challenging Barbour's decision to hold it no earlier than November), so a lot will still happen in this race. But Mississippi is a very red state so that Democrats needed everything to break their way. They're off to a bad start.



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