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Posting will be slow this morning and I might not have time to post before late this afternoon. But coming up later today will be a number of polls, including a stunner from Pennsylvania showing Obama taking a narrow lead! Another primary survey from Indiana shows Clinton leading, while a second from Pennsylvania shows Clinton comfortably ahead.

Also, general election surveys from FL, OH and PA show Clinton surprisingly outpacing Barack Obama, who struggles to win white support.

In down-the-ballot news, new Senate polls bring good news for both parties but Republicans recruitment woes in New York are only worsening.


  • Pre-emption

    The general direction of Hillary in the PA polls is in the downward direction, every poll from the last two days has her lead shrinking. She set herself up pretty badly by expecting to pull out a 20 point victory, and there is still about three weeks to go.

    the General election polls, Hillary will outperform Obama in these couple states because she is more well known, Obama has campaigned in Ohio for about one week, in PA for about one week, and not truly campaigned in FL at all. After Obama gets the nomination and his organization is put into place these numbers will flip in no time.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 02 April, 2008 11:47  

  • It is true expectations may shift but she needs to win big - ie much more than Ohio.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 02 April, 2008 18:14  

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