Slow posting warning, even as Spitzer is rumored to be closed to a resignation

I will be traveling late tonight and will unable to post any updates on until some time tomorrow early evening. This is on the shorter end of breaks, but I thought I should post this warning given the potential of there being big news in the next 18 hours. After all, tomorrow is election day (in Mississippi and in the special election of IN-07, where the GOP is hoping to return the favor of IL-14) and, of course bombshell dropped in New York politics today when the New York Times revealed Governor Spitzer's involvement in a prostitution ring. There have been calls for his resignation, and both Fox and CBS briefly reported that the Governor was about to step down. Obviously, that would be a huge story if it were to happen. So keep an eye on the news... but not on this blog until tomorrow afternoon.

Update: Well my plane was delayed by 6 hours, so a quick update on the Spitzer story, in which things are getting much worse for the Governor. Reports are now saying that federal investigators looked into Spitzer because of unusual movements of cash. The New York Sun adds that Spitzer could be very well be indicted (for example under the Mann law that forbids carrying prostitutes across state lines) and that perhaps only a resignation could convince prosecutors to spare him. The media consensus right now seems to be that Spitzer is still weighing his options but that he is leaning toward a resignation, perhaps as early as tomorrow morning.

This is obviously a huge story in New York politics that could save the state GOP just at the moment it looked to be close to extinction. The once dominant Republicans now control the state Senate by only a seat, and they were expected to lose the majority in November. They also only have a handful of congressional districts at this point. Spitzer and Clinton had been elected in landslide last year... This sudden bombshell (imagine the state of Spitzer's aides right now) could dramatically alter the power dynamics in Albany and in New York politics in general.


  • Hey you should talk about the special election in IN-07 tomorrow... did the NRCC spend any money on that? I know they thought of it as a pickup once Andre Carson was nominated... if they didnt spend money, it would show that they aren't willing to even go on the offensive at this point.

    By Anonymous app state, At 10 March, 2008 20:14  

  • Safe journeys, Taniel.

    By Anonymous David, Tallahassee FL, At 10 March, 2008 21:31  

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