Delegate breakdown, with all delegates now accounted for

I did not think this day would ever come: 11 days after Super Tuesday, the distribution of the final outstanding delegates from February 5th are finally known. And with Louisiana allocating its final delegate, we now have the breakdown with all the delegates from past contests now accounted for.

The latest update in distribution ended up looking better for Clinton than the past ones:

  • Of Colorado's final 9 delegates, 6 more were called for Clinton and 3 for Obama, for a final distribution of 36-19 in Obama's favor.
  • In Georgia, the final 2 delegates are now called for Clinto, for a final distribution of 58-29 in Obama's favor.
  • In Louisiana, only one delegate was still outstanding and it is awarded for Obama, who won the state's slate by a 34-22 margin.
This allows us to (finally) deliver the final breakdown of Super Tuesday delegates, which confirms that Obama got a small lead out of February 5th (full state-by-state breakdown available here):

  • Obama: 844 delegates
  • Clinton: 837
Overall, that gives us the following pledged delegate count as of February 16th:

  • Obama: 1137 delegates
  • Clinton: 1008
  • Edwards: 26
  • Outstanding: 0
But since nothing can be simple, the New York Times's story today that many precincts in NYC have mistakes in their vote count could potentially give one or two more delegates to Obama from the Empire State, as some precincts appear to have mistakenly recorded 0 votes for the Illinois Senator. It appears that some other precincts committed the same mistake against Hillary Clinton. Odds that this changes the New York delegate count are low, but we will have to keep an eye on this.


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