Delegate breakdown, February 15th version

There still are many delegates that are outstanding in states that have already voted. Since most delegates are allocated by district, the exact results in each district has to be known for the delegate attribution to be completed. The last count on Wednesday morning showed a 1107-993 breakdown, with 45 delegates still outstanding. Since then, there have been a few updates:

  • In New Mexico, Clinton was declared the winner, confirming her 14-12 delegate count. An Obama victory would have resulted in a 13-13 split.

  • In Illinois, 3 more delegates went to Obama and one more to Clinton. That gets us to a total of 104-49.

  • Colorado was the state that had barely started allocating delegates as of yesterday morning. Now, 14 more delegates have been given to Obama and only 4 to Clinton. The Colorado breakdown stands at 33 Obama-13 Clinton with 10 still outstanding.

  • Finally, there is some confusion over the DC results, with CNN, MSNBC and the Green Papers differing as to the final allocation, 12-3 or 11-4. I had reported 12-3 on Wednesday morning and will leave it at that for now, but we should keep an eye on DC.
The first consequence of these allocations is that Obama is now ahead in the count of delegates that were attributed on Super Tuesday only, 835 to 827 with 19 left to be allocated. This confirms that Feb. 5th was really good day for him, since he was able to balance his significant losses in states like MA and CA with his massive wins in the caucus states.

And the total pledged delegate count, as of February 15th:

  • Clinton: 998 delegates
  • Obama: 1127
Update: The Georgia allocation has also progressed now, with 6 more going to Obama and 2 more for Clinton for a 59-26 spread. There are still 2 outstanding delegates in Georgia. This gets our final count to 1133 Obama and 1000 Clinton, with the Feb. 5th count at 841-829.


  • It seems that this thing is almost done, unless there is a groundswell of support for Sen Clinton in the next few weeks. I don't see it happening. Stick a fork in her because she's done.

    By Anonymous stone621, At 15 February, 2008 15:23  

  • Hillary's not going anywhere. Yeah, if she loses Texas and Ohio, maybe. But don't count her out. Yet.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 15 February, 2008 17:36  

  • Even if she loses every primary coming up she could still win the nomination based on how much support from core Democrats she has. The way this is set up, you can't count your chicks now. Obama still has to prove himself to be the most favored by Democrats. We won't know until the very end.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 15 February, 2008 18:20  

  • Stone621, how wrong you are. I think Clinton is still the odds on favorite to win this election. Barack's advantage can be overturned on March 4th. Expect a fight between the two.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 15 February, 2008 19:16  

  • Could be overturned, but I doubt it. Sure there will be a big fight. Did you see Hillary talking up her taste for chili peppers in S. Texas? How stale and old school can you get? Barack has the organization and the money from little people like me. I have donated money 6 different times in small amounts to his campaign and I expect nothing in return except good, CLEAN, competent government.

    By Anonymous stone621, At 16 February, 2008 12:42  

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